This truly world class material is applicable to an unusually wide and varied number of uses.

Not only can
HYPER-FLEX™ polyurethane be formulated in a wider variety of durometers than rubber, but depending on the specific application, it delivers improved performance in several important ways: better elasticity and load bearing abilities (resistance to crushing), as well as better resistance to chemicals, acids, rotting, cracking and tearing.
HYPER-FLEX™polyurethane components also improve long term overall operation and function because they retain their shape and durometer appreciably longer.

Among The Most Challenging Tests
For the automotive and transportation markets the application of HYPER-FLEX™ products have dramatically improved overall vehicle operation, handling/control and longevity. In these challenging areas HYPER-FLEX™ has been the practical choice, with a long history of successful real world applications for a very wide variety of vehicle components, from suspension components to motor mounts for both racing and road use.
Even under unusually high level of stress,
HYPER-FLEX™ is able to maintain vehicle suspension alignment truer, for up to ten times longer than its counterpart O.E.M. rubber component!
HYPER-FLEX™ components also assist in improving performance and lowering component wear, ultimately reducing replacement costs. These same challenging tests of applicability have been proven in many industries and situations over many years.

Because of the amazing properties of
HYPER-FLEX™ polyurethane, the various applications are unusually varied and almost limitless!
Imagine all the applications in the world where rubber has been routinely applied and then simply substituted with superior HYPER-FLEX™ polyurethane!
Image applications for the depths of the oceans to the high reaches of space–the sky is the limit... and beyond.

Our customers are actually our best salespeople! Testimonials are available on request from a wide variety of industries.
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Timely Applications Can Make All The Difference.
HYPER-FLEX™ Applications Are Wide & Varied.
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