Fine engineering at Bunker Corporation has always been a passion–to produce world class end products. This attitude has granted Bunker Corp. with the status of being a trusted O.E.M. for over 20 years.

The complex and diverse nature of
HYPER-FLEX™ material requires the in-house chemists to devote their complete attention to it. This devotion has produced the quality products that Bunker Corp. customers demand. On a daily basis the chemists and engineers develop products that must deliver constant exceptional service, and nothing less.
Many Bunker Corp. product designs offer easier and faster installation procedures. Engineered with this in mind, they provide the benefit of lower repair costs, compared to the alternative, original equipment components.

Improved functionality is another important benefit of thoughtful engineering that is often overlooked. The engineers at Bunker Corp. redesign, re-engineer and then reformulate the each component for a specific application. In many cases these components appear totally different than the original they will replace.
This attention to detail sets Bunker Corp. apart from the competition, who often duplicate components from other materials into polyurethane with no regard for how the new material changes the function.

Engineering with the greatest precision to produce world class products has made Bunker Corp. both grow and advance with the use of the latest technology. The
HYPER-FLEX™ polyurethane products continue to amaze customers. The staff at Bunker Corp. feels that "It is as much of an art as it is a science".
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Engineering Problems And Solutions Are Targeted As Often As Possible.
The Experience In Correctly Formulating For Specific Applications Is Unparalled.
All Products Are Engineered With Computer-Aided Designing (CAD), Using The Latest Software.
State-Of-The-Art CNC Milling Machines Provide For Precise Mold Building Formation.
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