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To Obtain A Quality End Product, Specific Formulations Are Made For Each Customer Order.
A revolutionary material that is changing the never-ending, expensive manufacturing and maintenance cycle is polyurethane. Invented in the late 30's by Otis Bayer, known for Bayer Aspirin, polyurethane was utilized as a synthetic alternative to rubber when rubber was in short supply during World War ll. Since that time, polyurethane has been found to be an extremely versatile and durable material, now utilized throughout the world for a wide variety of applications.

Twenty years of refining various polyurethane formulas have resulted in a superior blend of polyurethane which Bunker Corporation calls HYPER-FLEX™. Practical for countless types of applications, it has all the properties for use in extreme or heavy duty applications–such as for "million mile" vehicles, mining, commercial transportation, sports, military, marine, and others too numerous to list here.
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It's extended wear and extreme load bearing characteristics are exceptional. It retains its like-new functionality far longer than rubber and many other polyurethanes you may be familiar with.

There are several advantages in employing exclusive
HYPER-FLEX™ polyurethane as opposed to rubber or other ordinary polyurethane materials.
HYPER-FLEX™ is impervious to contaminants that will destroy rubber, such as oils, salt, smog, and ozone.
, it can be formulated into a very specific durometer or hardness, depending on the intended component's function.
Third, Bunker Corp. engineers typically perform a complete redesign of the O.E.M. component to better supply the customer with a superior end product.
The redesigned end product will not only function better, but will often be designed for simpler installation. For example, in the case of heavy duty truck parts, typically very little heavy and costly press work is needed to install HYPER-FLEX™ polyurethane replacement parts. A great savings in down time as well as the costs associated with it is also then realized.

In addition, there are several residual benefits to utilizing
HYPER-FLEX™ polyurethane components. Properly designed polyurethane components reduces fatigue of other related components. HYPER-FLEX™ polyurethane will not crush and permanently distort like rubber and many other lower quality polyurethanes on the market today. In use, it can prevent metal to metal contact, which can crack and damage expensive surrounding components. This has been documented on real-world applications by Bunker Corp. customers.
Ultra Flexible "POWER BANDS"
The exclusiveness of this polyurethane has set industry standards.
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